Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chloe's Here!

We have some lovely shots here. First of Stephen in his pre-surgery get-up. The nurses called it the "bunny" suit. Stephen wanted to keep it to repair his surfboards, but forgot it at the hospital.

Then we have Stephen and I with Chloe just moments after birth. My arms were kind of numb and I was a bit overwhelmed with happiness that I couldn't do much. It was just so great to finally have Chloe with us.

Next we have Sienna meeting her sister for the first time. She was so cute as she timidly reached out to touch her. Now she isn't so timid, though she is friendly with Chloe.

Chloe asleep.

Dr. Rob Biter, our awesome doctor, who delivered Chloe. He's quite the guy. Apparently he delivered the majority of the babies at the hospital recently. He was honored with a Leadership Award from Channel 10 News for founding a foundation called Her Hearts Wish. He will also be appearing on Oprah! He so deserves it. He also loves Sienna, although her love towards him is dwindling. She's getting a little shy around him.

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