Friday, September 28, 2007

Discovering Discovery

After being cooped up in the apartment packing all day, Sienna was starting to get very antsy. So we headed off to Discovery Park, just a few blocks away. She had plenty of fun at the playground and in the sand, but I'm pretty sure the fountain was her favorite. She has this obsession with water. Seriously! I knew once I saw the fountain go on that I was doomed. So I stripped her down and let her free. She was in heaven. Lucky for me I only had to drag an angry toddler away once the fountain was done spraying. Had I tried to DURING the fountain spray I truly would've suffered! I'm glad that she likes the water though!


Katie said...

Sienna is so cute. She looks like she was in heaven:)

THE STOKES... said...

Brookie - What a cute little family you have - your girls are so cute! Love Chris