Monday, October 29, 2007

The Chloe

Sweet Chloe is sitting on her own now. In the above picture she has the help of the Boppy, but now she does it all by herself. She's not a pro yet, so she oftentimes tips over backwards, but she's getting there! She loves it too. I was very surprised she sat up so early considering how fat she is. I thought for sure her belly would impede her from doing so at this point. Hooray for Chloe!
Rachel Andrews and Chloe admiring one another. Rachel is only 2 months old...look how big she is for her age! (her daddy is 6ft 4)
Chloe was so fussy at my mom's house the other day, but we found the cure! The plastic swing in the backyard. It was INSTANT! Once she was put in the swing, all her troubles melted away! She sat there forever and just let me swing her. So cute!


Kina said...

you have been tagged. see my blog!

Cute Chloe! one of these days Nate and I will get down there to CA so I can actually see you kids in real life. :)

I've been meaing to say that I love the title of your blog, "The House of Baker." Sounds so Harry Potter!! Which I love!

Marcie said...

Look at how content and happy she is in the swing! So adorable. I had fun talking with your mom after stake choir practice on Sunday night. We miss you guys! :)

The Veaters said...

That's great she's sitting up on her own already! Kirsten isn't quite there yet. She'll sit up for a few seconds on her own but then slumps over or falls forward, so she still needs support. But she's getting there!