Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Backwards Christmas Blog

The title for this post is due to the load of pictures I uploaded. I don't feel like putting them in the CORRECT order, so here it goes, only backwards! Last night, as is my family's tradition (10 years now, I think), we ate Christmas dinner at Benihana's!! Hooray for their food. It is SO yummy! This was Sienna's second and Chloe's first time at Benihana's. We ate the usual: steak, chicken, shrimp, chicken fried rice (my favorite part!), veggies, soup, salad and ice cream (whew!!)! LOTS of food.
Once the chef got started, Chloe and Sienna were in a trance. His name was unconventionally, Francisco (go So Cal!). But, he had some handy tricks up his sleeve. We enjoyed the egg throwing up into a bowl. Here he is making my favorite!
Sienna had fun imitating him with her chopsticks. And no, that's not a big bougar on her nose, she got that lovely bit in nursery on Sunday. Poor girl!
My little brother, Owie, looking the San Diego Christmas part in full get-up. He still gets the same goofy looks on his face that he did when he was little!
Back at Benihana's, Owie, my mom and Stephen pose......while Sienna slumbers on my shoulder well into the meal. I was a bit bummed that she didn't get her nap that day, but even more so that she decided to finally get one on me during dinner. But don't worry! She woke up once the chef got louder. Thank goodness! That's my goofy, but graduated brother, Derek! GO BYU-I!
...Chloe got sick of waiting and took it upon herself to start dinner up for us. What an ambitious girl! (so glad she decided to not touch the burning HOT surface in front of her!)
Stephen opening the never-ending-electrically-taped gift from my brother Owie. Seriously, he had to get to work to open that!Liam, Chloe, Jackson and Ethan (David's behind Jack) admiring Liam's new Elmo book. The jealousy has now set in amongst the babies. They were all so cute together that night (Xmas Eve).

Caleb, aka Joseph, and Sienna, aka Mary, certainly played their parts with oomph while Barry read the story of the birth or our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Since we were the first ones to Nana and Papa Bakers Xmas Eve, we got to sport the sweet sequin cap that has long intrigued adults as to why every single toddler, including boys, LOVE to wear that hat.
Colleen got right to work, despite a nicely forming belly, that might've got in the way a few times (but loved it!). We had fun helping and talking in the kitchen.
At our house much earlier that day, we each opened a gift...Sienna got the long-awaited vaccuum (Pottery Barn Kids....SO CUTE!). I bought it ages ago (3 or 4 months) due to her ever increasing fear of my vaccuum. I had never seen anyone be so scared of one, so I decided that we had to help her overcome it. Of course, her fear had just fled the month before Christmas. She loves it anyway!
And I got the picture I've wanted for SO long!! HOORAY! Now my empty wall will have something on it finally. Something that will actually do it justice!
Whoops, another Benihana picture...but we loved how Stephen and Derek were both wearing similar sweaters. Stephen just got his for Christmas that day. Love the solemn looks guys!
And then Chloe got some music-making marracas, from daddy, which she LOVED. Sienna was bothered that she wasn't allowed to take them from Chloe. Especially considering how many gifts Sienna got compared to Chloe. Silly toddlers and babies!
We had a fabulous Christmas and love you all! Have a very exciting New Year!


Hazen5 said...

I love that you go to Benihana's on Christmas! No Fuss, No Muss Cooking. You all looked like you had a awesome Christmas.

Nina and Tyler said...

I'm so jealous!! I've been wanting to go to Benihana's for at least 10 years now and I ask to go every year on my birthday and STILL have yet to go... I'm glad you guys had a Merry Christmas!!!

shay said...

You're so funny! I think you did it the right way. No spending 4 hours laboring in the kitchen over a meal the kids don't care about anyway! I think we'll adopt your tradition next year (If I can convince Curt to take 6 kids into public like that on Christmas Eve!) I love the picture you received too.

M&M said...

YAY!!! It looks like you guys had a great holiday! How cute is you family? :) You made me hungry too.... shame on you! Talk to you soon!

THE STOKES... said...

Yay - Merry Christmas & Happy New year to the Bakers Love the Stokes - Our kids are the same way with the toy situation--- at least we have a boy and a girl so that there are some toys they can have to themselves --- and then we go to the grocery store the next day and they are asking for more toys - What the Heck - do they not remember the previous day or what!?

Ps. the Baby pictures are so cute!