Friday, January 18, 2008

Dump Your Bag Tag

I thought I would match the font to my lovely countertop to start off this special post (come on- you know you want my orange counters too!) So much thanks to Shay for finally getting me to clean out my bag. I admit it wasn't quite as scary as I remember it being last week, I must've already done a mini-cleaning.

I recently made my regular purse bag (instead of backpack "diaper bag") into a diaper bag because of annoyance that I always overpacked the other one and it weighed more than the kids altogether. So, Here we have my lovely purse-turned-diaper-bag. Like Shay I can't stand the typical diaper bag. I have to make my own (or buy it!). =)
So, here's what was lurking in mine:
-two lovely size 5 Huggies diapers
-Avent sippy cup filled with day old milk
-"O" organice baby food, sweet potatoes- both my girls' favorite!
-Netflix that's been in my purse to be returned for quite some time
-Baby Motrin
-My long lost earrings! Hooray I have some again (yes, I have very few pairs that I like to wear)
-Receipts from my car insurance, Target and a list of items to buy at the latter
-Sunglasses (have to wear 'em, I've got some weird thing on my eye that will grow if I don't protect them!)
-Roxy wallet, with....da, dadada..$20, I scored!
-Grocery section including: Granola mini-bites, Kissables, Power Bar (peanut butter), mini Altoids
-MK Lipstick (Mocha Freeze) and MK chapstick
-Pad of paper and Sharpie marker
-bow for Chloe's ridiculous amounts of hair!!
I think that's it! Honestly I usually have even more. I'm pretty proud of myself. Stephen likes to call my bag the Mary Poppins bag. I must agree the majority of the time. But hey! At least I'm prepared, right?
I tag: Katie Sabin, Marcie Kolb and Ashley Veater!

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Katie said...

Oh fun! I'll do this one purse is totally cleaned out at the moment. :)