Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Nothingnesses

So I was sick of looking at the celebrity lookalike thing on my blog and decided it was time to post SOMETHING! Sienna is always making me laugh with the silly things she does. My favorite of late is when she shushes ("shhhh"). I say it to her quite a bit when she screams (cause she likes to when she's happy, mad, excited, whenEVER!). Well she apparently thinks that I am touching my nose when I shush, only I'm not, my finger just looks like it is. I never really thought about that until she started doing that. So now, when I start whispering outside their bedroom while Chloe is sleeping, she automatically goes, "Shhhhh..." and touches her index finger to her nose, as shown. How cute is that!
Got bored with the camera one morning...
This is post-blowing-a-kiss from Sienna to all of you!

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Carrie said...

Sienna is very cute!! She is getting so big! It would be so funny to be able to live inside a child's thoughts for a day!