Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I don't know if it's the weather or what, but for the past few days I've had the most killer migraines that WILL not go away. I keep drinking lots of water and trying to rest and all, but it's just killing me! I even had to go to work tonight like that, which was sad. (yes, to all of you who didn't know, I started working at Starbucks during the PM's to earn extra cash flow while the kiddies are asleep!)

So, what I need to know is, what special things do you all do to keep these ever-so-lovely headaches far from your head? Or, when you do get them, what helps you to continue to be a nice mommy or a sane one? HELP!


That's Vinyl said...

Lucky! I want to work at Starbucks! As for the migraines, I get them ALL THE TIME!!! Anyway, my boss told me about putting ice on the back of my neck while laying down and it totally helps. The cold helps to slow the blood flow so that's been a lifesaver the past few months while I can't take medicine since I'm pregnant. Try it!

Allison Weenig said...

Seriously? Prescription drugs. They are the only thing that helps me when I have a migraine. So sorry, ewww.

deb said...

oh brooke,
I honestly dont know if it is possible to be nice while suffering a migraine. I am an oger.
i would try the ice thing it works for me too. also drugs. prescription of course.
i hope they get better for you

Carrie said...

How is the job going? Did you hear about Starbucks from a show with Suze Orman and how great their benefits are? Just curious!

Allison said...

Hi Brooke!
I would go to a chiropractor - like Dr.White- to see if you're out of alignment. Sometimes that's just what I need if the migraines have come on suddenly and consistently. I go to a chiro. in Santee that's awesome. I can give you the info if you email me.
Good luck!

Staci Lynn said...

I have had problems with that and the only thing is to get a massage.... I'm serious.

Jay said...

Email me all the things you feel when you get a bad headache. I'll probably ask a few more questions then give you a free diagnosis and medical advice.

Dr. Baker

Robin Baker said...

I've heard food allergies and hormones play a big role. Research sugar substitutes - they are toxic. I'd start w/the chiro and diet change and see if you can skip the drugs. Good luck! I'm a monster if I just have a regular headache, so my only advice there is to ask the Lord to give you strength to love through the pain =)