Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Hunt

Sienna had so much fun searching for eggs. It took her a while to get into it or to understand how it all worked. "Uncle Grandpa", as my dad likes to be called, helped her by carrying the basket around and pointing out some egg-y areas of the house. She ended up liking it a lot more than she thought she would, I think...we put one jelly bean in each egg (we had 20 or so). She would find it, shake it, empty it and chow down. Before chowing she promptly brought them to Grandpa to open for her. She had a lot of fun.

Chloe didn't quite know what to do with her basket, but Sienna found out right away all that she could do....EAT! the end, Chloe was happier in the balls in the backyard. Heaven on earth for a Chloe!!


Mike and Bianca said...

aw, they are such dolls!

Erin said...

What cuties!! I love the pictures!!

Hazen5 said...

I love the girl's baskets! So sad we didn't play on Wednesday, we will make up for it though!