Thursday, January 22, 2009

Follow That Bird!

Whenever Chloe gets down and out (which is a little more often than we'd like lately), and after trying all the tricks up our sleeve (yes, cuddly loving included), we put in the coveted DVD.... "Follow That Bird".
I grew up on this movie, so there's oh-such fond memories of it. The songs are totally awesome! My favorite is probably the one at the very beginning of the movie by Oscar the Grouch...he talks about not letting "the sunshine spoil your rain..." and so forth. Pure poetry! =)
But really? I just love this movie. I remember watching it on sick days, healthy days and days when we were just plain tired of playing roller hockey in the backyard. My three brothers and I watched it, and it still holds the same sentimental feelings whenever I put it in for my girls. It definitely is a huge plus that Chloe LOVES Elmo and anything associated with "melmo" (as she calls him), including any character from the show.
So, put this one in your Netflix queue! Chop, chop!
(PS-If you like this, try "Elmo in Grouchland"...another fav.)


Alyosha said...

I love Mandy Patinkin in Elmo in Grouchland.

Hazen5 said...

Can you believe I have never seen that movie! I don't think my kids have either. Thanks for the idea!

Brooke said...

Mandy SO makes Elmo in Grouchland! Rach-it's a classic, hit up Blockbuster asap. Although, your children may be too old for it, huh? =)

bekahjr said...

I used to love this movie too! Where did you find it for the girls! They are so cute in their summer dresses! What a beautiful family! Seriously!

Sarah said...

You can get BOTH of these movies atTarget for $5! A GREAT investment for our kids, too!