Saturday, March 28, 2009

Such Obedience

It was at that point in the evening when mom and dad say "time to stay in the house" while we make dinner and prepare for night-time activities (aka. getting ready for bed). The girls wanted to go down and play with their friends, but we couldn't be down there with them so we said "no" (heartless parents we are). So they were actually SO obedient and didn't go down. They really didn't even whine about it. They just grabbed their outside chairs and set them up, as seen, and watched their friends play. sad, but SO cute. And SO obedient. I love my good girls!


Robin Baker said...

how smart of them!

Sarah said...

Seriously??? You have the best kids ever! :) Lincoln would N E V E R do that! I am very impressed. In awe, actually!

*katie* said...

you lucky girl!! Can you imagine David and Ethan doing that? ya right!