Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Backwards Sunday

For some reason when I post pictures at my house to my blog, it won't let me re-arrange them into the correct order. So, once again, my pictures will be in reverse order in which they occurred. I'm sure none of you mind that, seeing how life is often in chaotic reverse order anyway! Right? =0

Here are the girls all fresh and ready for church. I can't help myself. I must dress them to match when I can. It's just too cute. I was even able to match their hair in braids. Chloe has been quite the opposer to that of late, so I had taken a short hiatus. Back now!

At first Chloe was by herself, just chillin' under the kitchen counter overhang. I think originally she was pretending to be asleep, a favorite pasttime of hers. Sienna noticed the fun to be had and joined in!

Sunday mornings typically look like this. Mom plays around on the piano, much to her satisfaction, while Dad reads his beloved comics section in the Sunday paper. Occasionally he dabs into other sections as well. Sienna loves to sit with him and "read" the paper.


Kierst said...

Cute! I think London has that same dress, only in a different color. Jana sent it to her.

Alyosha said...

You might be able to rearrange them after you type in some text.

Robin Baker said...

SIT and read a paper? Pretend to be asleep? Holy smokes, I'd be one happy and sane mother if my kids were that chill. I'll have to document our sunday mornings... I'm kinda afraid.

*katie* said...

Cute, cute! Obviously I love matchy clothes:)
Steve's hair is looking highly insane these days:)

VJBlair said...

They look so cute! I can't believe you can braid their hair. Emily's does NOT cooperate with that hair style.