Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach Dinner

It was a nice sunset, so we decided to eat dinner at the beach. We picked up some Pick Up Stix and drove down the cliffside to the Shores.

Stephen was still gracing us with his mohawk's presence. Got lots of disgusted looks from elderly people walking up and down the beach. That was fun!

We had parked ourselves right next to the lifeguard tower, which the girls dug. When they jumped it made a loud, echo-ish noise, which they couldn't get enough of. Jumping , laughing and screaming it went on for about 25 minutes.

Beach life is good. Dinner at the beach is good. The girls were good.


karlie and brett said...

reason 23464343 why we all love living in san diego...such is the life right? your girls are so darling!

Robin Baker said...

very good indeed

shay said...

You're the cutest momma ever. I need to do more spur of the moment things with the kids. Love the mohawk...he should totally keep it until July and bear his testimony with is mohawk...that would be funny.

Hazen5 said...

I wish this June Gloom would leave so we could enjoy the beach more this summer!

Love the Hair!

The Rowe Family said...

This post makes me teary. I miss SD, and I miss my companera de cuarto! Love you guys!!