Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thing are looking "up"

Yes, yes. We finally got around to it. We went and saw "Up" yesterday with Grandma Ev. My mom was nice enough to treat us to a movie, which was so fun. That was the girls' second movie in a theater (first was Wall-E...which didn't turn out as well. 45 minutes was as long as they lasted). They totally loved it though. Phew! What a relief! No potty breaks were needed, no crying and no begging for anything. We did great! We'll definitely be seeing more movies this summer!
(PS- Doesn't Sienna look like Madison Baker here, oh ye Bakers?)

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*katie* said...

I'm so happy for you guys that it turned out well! I wish I had as much confidence in my boys! I'm going to be going to free movie days this summer, we should try it sometime together!
And YES! Sienna does look like Madison! Such cute girls!