Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Derek's Flat

The girls were more than excited to visit Uncle Carrot's place in Utah. He owns a cute little condo in Provo, so we stayed there quite a bit. The favorite at his place, by far, was the awesome hammock he built into his living room. There were many a tear whenever it was to be put away.

Derek's an artist, can you tell? His decorative taste is very....Derek. He fills his old milk jugs up with water and food coloring, and then uses them for shooting practice later.

There was lots of that (above), and this (below). Unfortunately the "this" didn't last long. She was very attached to "mama", so the minute the picture was taken she was off and at my feet saying "I carry you"...meaning, "hold me!".

And then there was THIS. We played Texas Hold-em all NIGHT. I cleaned up big time. Totally won! The next night, Dad and then Derek each won a round. Good times! Lady Gaga would be proud of my 'poker face'. Oh yeah! =)

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