Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Was it really free?

The answer to the title of this post is really already determined by myself. I throw it out there as if it were still a question just to keep it spicy.

So I decided to take the girls to a free movie, courtesy of the Free Family Film Festival 2009. I am super excited about this awesome summer perk! So since the girls did so well when we went to see "Up", I thought, hey...this couldn't be bad, right? So off we went to the Mira Mesa theater to see "Surf's Up" in slight haste.

The theater was pretty packed with happy moms and boisterous children, ready to see their movie. It started and all was well....UNTIL about half way through the movie. That's when it happened. Chloe peed on me.

The way the seats go up and down when you sit was bothering her, so she had been sitting on my lap. Maybe I did give her a little too much liquid that morning. Maybe. Nonetheless I, all the sudden, felt a certain "warmth" on my legs, and it started to spread. I quickly dumped Chloe off my lap into the aisleway of the row.

As I'm dumping her off, I'm still getting wet. YES, her pee was so abundant that it was dripping down the seat toward me. All over me, I should say. Let me explain this as well...she is wearing Pull-Ups since she is half potty-trained. We all know just how much pee those things hold. And poop? Don't get me started.

Anyway, long story semi-shortened, Chloe starts screaming, her new style, which is very, very high-pitched. Why? Who knows. She's two.

So I drag poor Sienna away from the movie to take her screaming sister to the car to leave. Sienna was totally smiling at the movie screen at this point, so I felt just rotten taking her away from it. She was good and followed me, quickly, out of the theater. The people sitting in front of us didn't even try to hide their disgust as we left. I'm sure it will bite them in the butt later in life.

Chloe refused to walk, and kept throwing her body in front of me (still standing) so that I "had" to carry her. Sorry, doesn't work like that Chloe. Number one? Wet toddler. Number two? I cannot give her that satisfaction after this nasty fit she just threw. So it took us a while to get to the what? Triumphantly we make it to the car and drive away.



*katie* said...

Ohhhh, the awfulness!! SO, SO terrible! on a side note, I'm impressed you were able to get in, the Esco theater is so packed, I tried one week, didn't make it and decided that it wasn't worth trying again.

Nick said...

You poor thing! Isn't it "great" when those things happen at such the perfect time?

Sarah said...

FYI, I've been told the San Marcos theatre isn't so packed on these days. And people sort of expect to not have it be a quiet theatre anyway, what with all the kids. I dare not try it with my boys yet; maybe next year.
So SO sorry to hear about your pee escapade! That is always the worst because unknowing people pass judgement on you. Whatever!

Shar said...

that's horrible! But really kind of funny, too. Hi, Brooke :)

VJBlair said...

I can totally relate. I hate it when things like that happen. Sorry Sienna had to miss the movie, maybe you can rent it later.

Hazen5 said...

You poor thing! It probably won't be the last time you get peed on. Potty training is the worst!

mariah said...

aw MAN!! I missed THAT!!!!! Holy cowgirl... Chloe- the potty princess. Sorry it had to happen to you brooke. and yes I HATE pull ups.