Monday, August 31, 2009

hair tragedy, part one

it was a wonderful evening. the girls were in their hippie pajama get-up and all was well. we played, taught them to say and sign "peace" and danced the night away to ben folds. little did any of us know what the morning would bring. even the culprit herself.

yes, it brought this. not the barettes people, look in the sink...and perhaps the sides of her head.

so here's my side of the story: my wonderful husband got out of bed that morning with our two early risers that day. boy was i glad cause i had stayed up later than usual, very involved in my, then current, book. as is a usual account, the hubby took the girls into the living room, turned on mulan and promptly fell asleep on the couch. uh-huh. normally this wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary or bad. obviously today it was. sienna has been recently slightly obsessed with these little felt barrettes i've been making. so she's grabs the stool from the kitchen and drags it into the bathroom where our barrette board is mounted up high. (keep in mind, this is exactly what happened...i know, even though i didn't see. call it a mother's intuition) she climbs up to take down every barrette (completes that about 50%), but instead looks up higher and sees a beautiful metal pair of hair scissors. "oh my!" she says. she grabs and starts chopping away.
really? i'm just glad she didn't poke her eye out. i will truly miss her beautiful long locks, complete with natural curl at the ends. good thing i take a lot of pictures of my kids.

the aftermath...see part two.

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*katie* said...

so, so sad, but her hair is so very darling with the new cut! and p.s., i LOVED the hunger games, can't wait for book two!! annette ordered it so I'll get to read it soon!