Saturday, August 1, 2009

jumping for joy

we held a small family birthday party for me at my mom's house on Sunday, as we usually do. this one would've been perfect had dad been able to make it. the rest of us were there and we had so much fun! the only place the girls want to be when at grandma's house is her backyard, where the trampoline, swing and pool of balls are. what made this party even more memorable is the beautiful pictures my brother took with his new, camera.

gotta love dirty hands and feet.

i had NO idea that Ian was bouncing them that high until I saw this pictures later. i must say, it's a good thing too! of course the bubbles loved it.

parties are the best.


Robin Baker said...

happy birthday!
Oh goodness, Owen would've died of a heart attack! He won't go near the tramp unless you hold him - something he and chloe are different on! wow, they were high!!
yeah for new cameras and LOVE those dirty feet =)

Alyosha said...

Those trampoline pictures are fantastic! Happy birthday!

*katie* said...

those dirty feet are AMAZING! And I would have had a heart attack if my boys had been bounced that high!