Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sewing group

i fell in love with the smocked sundress in weekend sewing, by heather ross. i love her book. i love her fabric. i love the ideas. then they all come flooding in, which i believe is the whole point, right? after making a few of my own for the bubbles, i decided it was time that my fellow ladies learned to make the dress too. so i hosted this month's sewing group....and so it emerged:

we all slaved away on the dresses and talked away the night. we had fun and got lots done. mistakes were made, but fixed and made better. so proud of my buddies and their beautiful dresses!


Robin Baker said...

how fun! I love craft nights with the ladies. too bad I don't have a girl to make one of those - maybe some day ;)

Lenna said...

Do you take orders?

Ashley said...

Those are adorable! Wish I lived there so I could have come and learned how too!