Monday, September 28, 2009

bonding time

the girls love their daddy.  he is always so fun to play with.  he's always more apt to take out the messier toys than mommy is.  he lays around easily with them.  it's so cute.  they had been playing with the blocks, building towers and castles and such...until i interrupted them with a new book i had bought at the school's book fair last week.  it's a "i spy" book, which sienna is way into lately.  she's actually really fast at finding the random objects.  chloe tries, and she's cute while doing so. 


Robin Baker said...

ha ha how cute. all I see is the 80's side pony!

*katie* said...

Very cute:) And I LOVE the side pony!

Brooke said...

that is the lovely handy work of her preschool teacher, Tomeka (yes, she's african-american!). =)