Wednesday, September 16, 2009

figure it out

lately we've been really into puzzles! i've always been a puzzle lover, so it's only right that i pass that along to my children. we've tried more complex puzzles than that shown, but that proved to be more fraught with emotionality, rather than happiness. so we opted for the awesome 24 piece puzzles at target.

turns out sienna is quite good at them when left alone. when mom or dad sit and "help" her, she gets lazy and decides that she needs our help with almost every piece. so we tend to stay close by, but not sitting there while she puts it together. soon enough she's finished it all by herself and is so proud!

so a few weeks ago, chloe jumped on as well. she loves to try. let's put it that way. she's so cute mis-matching every piece and making it fit, where she says, "i did it!". i love how she "does it".

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