Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hair tragedy, part three

so here's the new do.

i think it's pretty cute. it masks the still mullet, that is on the sides. unfortunately her hair has not looked that cute since the day we cut it. it continues to elude the beautiful curl at the ends (which I artificially put there anyway) that existed the first night. bummer. maybe someday!

meanwhile, the bubbles sure are cute in their dresses, all ready to go to maren romney's reception. what a party!


Our Blog Spot said...

Hey Brooke!! I LOVE her hair!! It looks so thick!! WOW!! But, I totally get that whole sick feeling you get when your kids chop off their hair.


So annoying.

But, of course, SHE IS SUCH A DOLL STILL!!


Nick said...

WhatEhat a nice end to a tragedy. Her hair looks great!

Nick said...

Ooops...I just noticed I must mistyped...dang iPhone.

Em said...

It does look so cute!! Fits her perfect! =0)

The Price Family said...

I love the new duo!!! It's super cute.

shay said...

Why do our children want to look like rednecks? Mine very much included. When Monson was 2 he did it to the front of his head...so I shaved him bald. I don't think a hairdo could look bad on your little darling.