Thursday, September 10, 2009


yes, this was before the trimmage of the flavor-saver. if you can look past that, isn't he cute? i totally don't expect you to respond to that. it's all about rhetorical lately. nonetheless i think he's pretty handsome. we were messing with different features on our camera (just the one we've had for ages, nothing special). his eyes were supposed to be a little more prominent, but it didn't work like i thought it should. that means i need to start learning how to use my photoshop program. which means hours in front of the computer, which, to be honest, i just don't have time to do at the moment. nor do my buns want that kind of aggravation sitting on this hard stool. (i do that on purpose, by the way...the hard stool thing. it helps me not to sit here too long)

love my stephen.


Robin Baker said...

very handsome =) - isn't that why we married Bakers? he he he

*katie* said...

Ah he's so cute:) I'm a bit partial of course, being a Baker and all... :D