Friday, October 30, 2009

looking back

sienna, my little lobster - halloween 2006

i thought it would be fun to see the past few years' worth of costumes that the bubbles have worn. some years were more successful than others.  i had not yet brought back my sense of creativity for a few.  and for one...sienna hated it (see below).

sienna, barefooted woodland fairy & chloe, chunky bumblebee - halloween 2007

sienna, pippy longstocking (complete with monkey) & chloe, geisha - halloween 2008

halloween 2009 coming soon!


Nick said...

Very cute costumes! By the way, does the SHIFT key on your keyboard not work ;)?

Lissy said...

Adorable bubbles! That lobster pictures is awesome and the fairy and bumble bees suit them to a T - so cute!