Tuesday, October 20, 2009


i remember while growing up, wishing that i had a sister.  i begged my mom to have another baby so that i had another shot at having that special bond.  instead i was blessed with three lovely brothers.  i look back and am so glad the way everything turned out.  i loved being the only girl in my family.  i also loved being the oldest.  those two circumstances combined created many an opportunity for domination, as i called it.  my brothers often dreaded when i got to babysit; for it meant they were my slaves.  swirlies were given, usually to just the younger two, because i was physically unable to give them to derek.  lucky him, i say!  but really we had loads of fun together, and that's what i am so excited to see happen between my girls.  they're still too little to have the comradery that i'm talking about, but it's almost there.  when they love eachother, they sure love eachother.  makes my heart swell with joy. 

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Ashley said...

Ditto to that! I always wanted a sister, and I'm thrilled that my little girls will get to have a sister, like I never did. I hope they love each other eventually! Right now. . . not so much. :P