Wednesday, October 28, 2009


being that our sea world passes expire this year, it was good that we finally went and used them again.  it had been a while!  joining us that day was stephen's cousin, jeni and her two fun, adorable boys.  we caught the clyde & seamore halloween show, which was pretty random, but cute.  i wouldn't see it again, that's for sure.  then we hopped on over to the shark encounter, always fun.  chloe gets so scared of the sharks, it cracks me up.  there's no way they can even get close, but she's so clingy to me the whole time.  not that that's abnormal, cause it's not.  she really is such a mama's girl. it just gets worse at times like these.

then over to the dolphin area where we almost are able to touch the dolphins swimming by.  almost!  maybe next time!  sienna sure measures up to a dolphin.  almost 1 meter...not even do it's midsection.  it was fun to see just how big dolphins really are in proportion to other things.  i didn't realize.

on the way over to the bat rays and stingrays from the dolphins, connley and sienna had a blast flying and vrooming around the path.  luckily it wasn't too crowded or i would've received even more looks than i already got.  i don't care...look at them!  they're having so much fun!

waiting for a bat ray...


...still waiting for a bat ray to come say hi.

on the other side of the pool there was plenty in action!

those are really his eyes.  can you say blue?

when we first arrived at sea world there were ridiculously long lines to trick or treat along the pathways.  so we opted out.  but as the night went along the lines died down, so we hopped into two lines and got a few pieces for the kiddos.  they were so happy!  not too long after the candy was gone.

stephen took sienna and connley up and about in the fun area of Sesame-land.  connley had a little bit of a slow start up the netting, but eventually made it up!  sienna insists on going up every time we go to sea world, so she's a pro and zipped right up.

it was a fun day!  thanks jeni, connley and dalton!

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