Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween 2009

we're not even putting half of the pictures on here that we took on and around halloween night, but here a just a few to show our costumes.  very last minute, stephen decided to be a cowboy.  we're talking ten minutes before leaving.  stephen-style.  like his construction-paper boots?  uh huh.  i thought he looked cute. 

of course, the girls were gossie and gertie.  i was so distressed this week trying to find a way for sienna's red boots to happen for gossie.  i went to every fabric store i could find in the greater san diego area.  to our dismay, no red pleather was to be found.  so i had already made chloe's blue "rain boots" out of some blue pleather i found.  it ended up being a cover to go over the black ugg-like boots i bought at wal-mart.  chloe's were done and i was getting desperate.  sienna's weren't done for the trunk-or-treat, unfortunately.  i had tried to make the same kind of covers for hers, only out of red vinyl.  no good.  i bent my sewing machine needle trying to force it along.  i was so mad, cause i'd spent that whole week trying to make it work and it just didn't.  oh well!  then, miraculously...saturday morning i was thinking of how to make sienna's boots red.  yes, spray paint was the first to cross my mind, but i wanted to keep the boots to use later - and that wouldn't have really worked out too well.  then red duct tape popped into my tired little mind.  so off sienna and i went to home depot to make the sweet purchase.  it took me all of 10 minutes to tape up her boots and we were ready!  what a happy moment it was!

stephen's cousin, jeni, and her two cute little boys joined us in trick-or-treating saturday night.  jeni is always so dang creative.  their family is also big pixar fans since her brother works on major projects for pixar, like wall-e, toy story 3, and others.  naturally she chose up for her inspiration for halloween.  it was a perfect fit, i must say!  connley was the old man with his house on balloons.  dalton was russell, the cute boyscout trying to help the elderly.  jeni should win an award for her work on all of it, i swear!

hope you all had a wonderful halloween night!  eat slowly!


Amy said...

Soo Cute :-)

Karli said...

your girls are adorable, and in those costumes, looking the same height totally look like twins! And the "Up" theme is hilarious!!

*katie said...

Su-weet boots Steve:) Little Gossie and Gertie are darling! What were you?

Ashley said...

Your girls look SO cute in the matching costumes! And wow, that Up costume was amazing!!!