Friday, November 13, 2009

licking my lips

today i'm putting a plug out for my favorite pizza joint in our locale.  regents pizzeria is a blessing.  truly.  their food, not just their pizza, is just so very delicious.  they home make their own pizza dough, which has been tested and tried.  they even make their own sauce (no sugar added to the tomatoes!)!  they also use an imported italian oven, which comes from famous treviso; a place famous for their amazing food and wine.

 to your right you will see one of my favorite pizza's that they make.  it's the chicago stuffed-crust pizza.  oh my gosh, it is good! 

also good are their sandwiches, garlic bread knots, new york-style pizzas and....well, everything!  if you live close to la jolla they might even deliver to your neighborhood.  give them a call and get some.  or come over to our place and we'll have some together!  we can even walk across the street and eat there.  what a treat!

(pictures courtesy of regents pizzeria)


Kierst said...

I'm in! When can we go?

Charlotte said...

You and the food posts! So when I eventually get down there again I need pizza, hot chocolate, veggies from the garden and pancakes!

Ashley said...

Wow, I've never eaten there but it sounds amazing! We should get together and eat some while I'm in San Diego for Christmas! :)