Monday, November 16, 2009


while daddy studied for his upcoming exams on saturday, the girls and i decided to get out of the house and hang out at the gliderport again.  it's always so beautiful up there and there's so much to look at.  i love that it's just down the street and i can stop by whenever i please.  i sure do please, a lot.  one of these days i'm going to be the one flying around the la jolla cliffs.  i'm totally serious!  i've always been into doing that kind of stuff.  i still regret not having become a professional sky diver.  i guess it's never too late, right?  i went when i was 21 with my dad and brother, just before leaving on our missions.  it was beyond amazing!

this is not the best picture, i realize this- but, this is a partial view of la jolla shores and parts of the cove from the gliderport cliffs.  keep in mind, i stayed in the car with the girls during most of this, because it was very cold and windy and they were wearing tutus, slippers and tights.  i myself had slippers on.  we ate lunch and watched the handgliders and paragliders do their thang.  just beautiful!

later that night, nina and i made these.  so easy to make and so worth it.  anything chocolate is worth my time, i say!  the salt really adds to it.  a new favorite!

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Ken and Cari said...

Fun times. Do you go to the gliderport by Salk?? I'm always working there, we should meet up! I miss you!!!!