Thursday, November 19, 2009

record keeping

i can't help but laugh at some of the things my sweet girls say.  sometimes i'm not laughing at their *ahem* words, but then there's the other times. 

like when chloe says, "shmooz me".  yes, that is "excuse me".  and i would love to shmooz you chloe!

or when sienna complains about wanting to have "sleeps up, not sleeves down, mom!".  meaning, she can't stand wearing, and most times refuses, to wear long sleeves.  this includes sweaters of any kind.  if she had her way, she would wear shorts and tank tops every day, no matter how cold it is outside.  it's a constant struggle.  cause everyone knows, if mom is cold, then everyone puts warmer clothes on!

another great one...without me even implying that something that is going on is not a great idea or something that i don't agree with; chloe will say, "not okay, huh mom".  where could she have heard that?  hm...i wonder?  do i really say it that much?  i think that became a regular phrase i uttered while potty-training her; trying not to get too upset every 30 minutes, when i would step on another wet spot on the floor in any random part of the house.  ahh, boy am i glad that's done for now.  two kids, both potty-trained.  feels so good that i'm thinking two kids is just the perfect amount!  but then, there's still way too much estrogen in this house.  a son would be

in the hair department, nenna will protest most every do i try to make work with her shag, unless it's a pony tail.  for some reason the girl is attached to them horses.  easy enough for me!  but oh so boring after months of the same thing.  i guess that's one of those battles i'm just going to stop picking with her to keep the peace.  no more tears please!

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Kierst said...

No wonder London and Sienna get along so well. London HATES ponytails but they look so cute with all those curls!. She LOVES long sleeves. She would wear long sleeves when it's 100 degrees outside if I would let her. We need to get these two girls together more often and maybe they'll rub off on each other and we can both have some middle ground.