Tuesday, December 22, 2009

baker christmas part-ay!

twas a wild night, and everyone was stirring, even the mice.  the creatures (our kids) stirred busily all....night....long.  but it was so much fun!  never a quiet moment, but well worth it to see all the kids playing so happily.  it's crazy having over 8 toddlers, plus at least 6 more kids, running around, not to mention adorable babies.  as seen, a nativity was performed with papa baker reading the story of the birth of jesus.  (not pictured was the all-important innkeeper, played by jimmy lalanne.  a performance beyond it's time)

so here's a few snaps of random beautiful family members:

like father, like son.  love that they're in my family.  love it. 

is it possible that baby gavin could be any cuter?

or auntie robin any more pretty?

props to john for his guacamole chops.

she's pretty delicious too...

...so are they.

an award goes out to best oldest cousin ever, for being super cool under toddler pressure.  he was awesome with the kids and has grown up so much.  we miss all of those kids enormously!

cheek to cheek.

he's my better half, really?  =)  yes, yes...he is.

nana baker with sweet gavin.

hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and be with the ones you love.  muah!


Robin Baker said...

is it weird that I like the guacamole picture the best? I think I've always been into still life more than anything else. But the bokeh! ahhhh, the bokeh. Thanks for the profile pic =)

*katie said...

Fun, fun!!! Such a great party!