Tuesday, January 26, 2010

positive attitude

it's so easy to find the good and bad in things.  i don't think (and certainly hope) that people don't look for the bad intentionally, in people or situations.  it's like a poison, negativity.  how awesome is it to be around those who lift you up?  who make you want to be better?  i am constantly striving to be that person.  obviously, life gets the better of me sometimes.  maybe i shouldn't even call that "life".  maybe i should've said, "situations get the better of me sometimes".  because life certainly is wonderful!

i found the following quote in an oprah magazine article from january 2010.  no, i never read or buy her magazines, but upon being gifted the magazine, i dove in anyway.  just to see what i thought.  if for no other reason, the quote was worth it.  the woman who was quoting choudhury (founder of the yoga college of india) had, at the time, been struggling with finding a healthy medium in her life- both physically, mentally and spiritually.

choudhury said, "All the pain in the world is not going to take happiness, peace away from you.  If anybody can make you angry, you are the loser.  If anyone can steal your happiness, peace, away from you, you are the loser."

i love that! 

i vow to do better.  to not get easily upset at those who don't know how to drive.  to love my enemies.  to forgive and move on. 

i will.


Staci Lynn said...

Love that quote!!!!

Lissy said...

Nice. Makes me think of that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that's on Princess Diaries. "The only person who can make you feel inferior is yourself." Definitely good to remember that we are in charge of how we see the world and our attitude. I want to be that better me too, I'll keep trying. :)

Marcie said...

That is a great quote!

The Rowe Family said...

Love that, Brooke, and love you! Thanks for your sweet comments on my posts ... your quote ties in as well to my issues. As always, we are one! :) Miss you, my dear friend!