Monday, February 15, 2010

e v & m i k e

they did it!  they tied the knot.  both were emotional and so happy the whole day.  two families are merged and are excited to get to know each other even better!

just look at those smiles...

mike's sister (above, above pic) and hubby, bob.

kim (the matchmaker!), mikey and mike sr.'s brother, bob.  confused yet?

sienna was so excited to see grandma come out of the temple.  she's always talking about how she's going to marry her good friend, max, in the temple.  this whole temple marriage thing made a lot more sense to her that day, as she compared it to her future marriage to max.  she stayed quite close to grandma most the rest of the day.  she is grandma's biggest fan!

during a short interlude, this happened with these two...oh me, oh my.  i love my brothers.

the beautiful bride and me.

poor sienna, she was still not feeling one hundred percent.  she'd had a fever early that morning, even.  dang sinus infection!  but thank goodness for motrin!  seeing grandma made her feel better.

admiring shoes.

oh owen.  my other awesome brother.

derek meeting two of our new brother and sister (step-brother and sister, but i won't call them that.  sounds too evil), jim and kari...and jim's wife, andrea.

sienna imposing herself in wedding pictures.


deb said...

Seriously Brooke!! Your pictures are amazing! please tell me how you learned to take such great picts. I have been trying forever. I even bought digital photography for dummies and I still feel retarded. All I want is to take pretty picts of my babies. K well I love you and you are amazing and your pictures rock and you are a supermodel mom. thats all!
let me know your secret if you want.

Ashley said...

Wow, what a beautiful day! I'm so happy for your sweet mom, and I'm thrilled that she had such an amazing wedding day!

Robin Baker said...

congrats momma ev!!!

kkrich said...

pics look great sista. no need to email them i already stole themm muhahaha.

Lissy said...

Such fun photos. You and your mom and Sienna are all babes - must run in the family. The women are lovely and the men make great funny faces! :)

shay said...

so I think the 'bestest' thing about all of this is that you and Kim get to be step sisters... What fun!!!

Kirk and Brittany said...

Thanks for posting pictures! Looks like it was a great day!!