Thursday, February 18, 2010

feelin' the love

twas valentines day, and all gathered at the smith's new home to eat and be merry!  we missed a few, that weren't able to make it (ahem!), but we still had fun!  kierst and i decided to do a burrito bar, which turned out to be very scrummy.

the hatch's came...
...grandma whitaker was there...

...cilantro was there- very important.  we had quite the spread.  

the kids had a ball dressing up, playing hide-and-seek and making mess after mess in london's room.

cute aspen.

anneka multi-tasking...eating a cookie and taking a picture at the same time.


kiersten's other grandma, grandma henrie, came out to visit her all the way from alberta, canada!  it was fun seeing her!  uncle gerald definitely looks like his mom.

derek sped his way down in mom's!

we had a blast!  everyone came down for mom's wedding the day before, so we decided to all get together for dinner on v-day.  it was good to be able to visit with everyone more that night, since the wedding and the luncheon was a little busier for me.

the hatch children.

aunt luann and anneka readying to leave.  aren't they pretty?

i love my family!!


Kierst said...

I'm glad you posted these pictures since I didn't get ANY that whole day! I'm so glad you guys all came over!

Jessica said...

LOVE the picture of Derek and Sienna!