Monday, February 1, 2010

happy birthday sienna!

i'm a little behind, clearly.  but i wanted to show a few other things that happened for sienna's birthday.  we went to disneyland, which is not yet pictured, even in this post.  that will be next though, i think.  firstly, we had fun making cake for sienna.  well, really i didn't.  i made the cake, but it wasn't quite as fun for me.  i didn't get to lick the beaters or even hardly taste the cake after it was done.  i'm watching what i eat...big time.  it's been such a blessing though, really!  i'm finally realizing that i don't need to eat so much.

anyway, the girls loved their chocolate lollipop beaters.  sienna tends to lick everything as if it were an ice cream cone....even her applesauce and yogurt.  she felt right at home cleaning the beater for me.
the finished product!  i wanted to make ganache, but wasn't sure i could resist eating we went with chocolate buttercream.

watching sienna open gifts from my mom and from steve, chloe and me.
grandma got her some really cute melissa & doug sets to play with.  love all of their stuff!

next up...a sleeping bag for both girls!  couldn't help it.  they love them, and recently used them at a slumber party at grandma's house.  so fun having girls! (fingers crossed katie!)
i've been wanting to put sienna in gymnastics or dance for so long.  this summer we're doing it!  not sure which yet.  it's between gymnastics, ballet or tap.  i'd love sienna to clog like i did, but there aren't many clogging options close to us right now.  we may have to wait and take from deb simper again some day!
okay, this one was daddy's idea.  he really wanted to get her a scooter, so we went with the razor scooter.  these are responsible for most children e.r. visits, according to good sources.  we look forward to broken wrists/arms (not!). 

but she sure was excited about it!
she made a wish and blew out the sparkler candle, shaped into a number four!  i found it in berkeley at a cute little shop next to rick & ann's.

happy birthday again my dear nenna!


*katie said...

So, so fun! Birthdays are the best!

And my appt is in 40 minutes:) I'll know soon if we'll be getting more blue and green or if we'll be adding pink to the color spectrum!

Nina said...

LOOOOVE this pics of the girls... the the last one is gorgeous! you'll have to tell me how you got that shot because i'm SOOOO bad at those!

Robin Baker said...

yeah nenna! we got the same scooter and blue version of the magnet doll for christmas! great moms think alike ;)