Tuesday, March 2, 2010

more beautiful sunday

i can't help myself...this picture is classic chloe.  the girl loves her food.  she especially loves her sweets.  she is definitely my child.  daddy was nice enough to share his oreo dip snack with her.  it cheered her up, although really...she shouldn't have needed cheering up.  we were at the beach!

sweet lia!  she is such a cross between nina and tyler to me.  i see so much of both in her.

see how wet her pants are?  i should've known it would happen.  i guess i was living in my ignorant stage of beach-going.  you know, hoping that she would only get her feet wet and stick to the semi-dry sand areas.  but really, i wouldn't even want her to do that in reality.  i like that she's such a water baby and a free, crazy little spirit.
sienna and max...they are very convinced that they are going to marry each other in the temple.  i can't say that this doesn't make me smile.  they are so cute together.  after grandma got married in the temple, sienna related that to her own future marriage to max there.

my girls running their little legs as fast as they can.
later, we headed over to the cove.  the swell that afternoon was pretty big.  stephen was dying to see it at the cove.  upon arriving we noticed a surfer out there, so we watched for a while.  a few minutes later, another crazy one paddled out...trunking it.  ah!  that water is cold!  beautiful, and cold.

*my favorite picture of the day*
lia's sandy feetsies.

the beautiful la jolla cove area.  if these pictures are reason enough to come visit us in san diego, i don't know what is!


Nina said...

love these! i love the reflections in the water on the sand. we definitely need to make this a regular thing!

Ashley said...

Awww, such gorgeous pictures! Makes me want to go to a San Diego beach right NOW!

Rachel said...

I like your favorite picture Brooke. Well done.

The Rowe Family said...

YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!!! Ugh I can't even tell you how much I miss you ... the feeling of paddling out and the warm (to me it will be warm, I promise) water wash over you as you duck dive under a wave. I am so homesick right now!! Maybe it is my emotional pregnancy hormones? Or maybe it is my amazing friend that I miss so much! :)

Miss Stace said...

I LOVE the pic of the girls running on the beach! so cute!