Wednesday, March 10, 2010

team training!

as a few might know, i have just finished (as of tonight, actually!) the ymca's team challenge.  i lost a total of ten pounds and couldn't be happier.  it was worth every cent that i paid.  i learned so much and have finally become accountable for all the good and bad foods i put in my mouth. 

my friend, nina, and i will be doing another team training with our trainer, bryan.  if you're interested, please let me know!  we'd love to have you!

here is a small list of things that helped me lose that ten:
  • eat foods with good amounts of fiber
  • aim to drink between 60-80oz of water each day.
  • calorie counting (switching it up each day...high/low/baseline days)
  • consistent regular exercise each week (2 days - weights/cardio, the rest...cardio)
it's amazing the difference it all made.  i'd been exercising a lot, and running, for years.  but i didn't lose much, nor could i get my body to where i wanted it (which was just where i could feel happily comfortable).  it was the food that made the difference for me.  it's definitely going to be a life change for me.  plus, i want to take care of this body that heavenly father has given me.  i'm grateful every day.


VJBlair said...

Congratulations! I totally agree about food being the difference, now if just wasn't such a weakness for me. Good luck.

karlie and brett said...

That's so awesome. I wish we lived closer and not on the other side of the country and we could work out together! That's seriously such an awesome accomplishment! You go girl!

Miss Stace said...

Do I have to live in Cali to do it?

Lissy said...

You're a sweetheart and an inspiration. Congratulations to you! Our bodies and this beautiful world we live in are certainly the most amazing blessings!

Brooke said...

Stace- they might have a ymca near you that is doing it...check it out!
Karlie- where did you guys move? it IS a bummer we can't work out together!