Tuesday, April 20, 2010

aunt jill

easter morning was both inspiring and sad at the same time.  i felt very uplifted by the talks given at general conference.  it was a special morning full of words of the atonement and christ.  it was also bitter-sweet, because my dear aunt lost her year long battle with lung cancer.

i was blessed to be able to go up to the funeral a few weeks ago, despite scheduling conflicts.  i'm so glad i went.  i really wanted to support my cousins and my grandma.  they've all been through so much.  mom and i hopped in the car and drove up thursday evening.  we were able to spend time with family the morning of the funeral, which was heaven.  i love my family.  i'm motivated, inspired and touched by their attitudes and strength.  makes me want to be better.

my cousin, becky, asked me to take some photos of everything, which i was happy to do.  my cousins and their spouses did a wonderful job compiling memories and things of my aunt jill.  they set it up in the room adjacent to the viewing.
aunt jill was an amazing woman.  in my own interactions with her, i must say the strongest impression that comes to me was how accepted i felt by her.  she was always so cheerful and willing to sit and talk with you and listen.  i can't recall a negative thing coming out of her mouth.  only positive, encouraging words.  she is, every bit, what i imagine a disciple of christ should be.  i feel grateful and emotional to have known her and to have spent time with her.  i see a lot of her in my cousins.

this blanket was made by her students.  she was a very beloved elementary school teacher.  i loved the details and the poem that were quilted.  so beautiful.
my cousin sadie and my cousin, becky's daughter, brooklyn.  they are such cute friends.

my aunt marty, aunt patty and myself.  these are my dad's two other sisters.  they are just as amazing and wonderful.  i love them both.  it was a joy to see the porter family and to celebrate a life well lived. 
xoxo to the ehorns and foys.


Jake said...

Thanks for posting this. The Ehorns were a strong family in the ward I grew up in; Jeff was my deacon's quorum advisor and my great-grandmother's favorite home teacher, and as you mentioned Jill was very friendly, helpful and kind.

Flinders Family said...

Love the whole post, Brooke. So amazing. I really hope I can become more like my mom in so many ways.