Wednesday, April 7, 2010

childhood is like vegas

excuse me, for quoting real simple magazine, but i just had to.  in their life lessons section i was reading about ways to be closer to your siblings.  not that i really need that (but really, i do).  so anyway!  the first piece of advice is all i've read so far, but i just know i need to share it with you.  so here it is.

childhood is like vegas: let what happened there stay there. 
don't guilt yourself over the mind games you played on your brother (guilty!), and stop
accusing your sister of stealing the sweater you bought in florence, circa 1992.  make a
conscious effort to forgive these childhood misdeeds and they'll soon be water under
the Ponte Vecchio.

i don't know why i love that so much.  maybe it's because several scenarios come to mind from my being a mean, bossy older sister.  perhaps i'm feeling guilty for having pinned my brothers down and tooting(yes....that) on them.  or maybe it was dressing them up as girls repeatedly up until they were in high school (including make-up).  still can't believe they let me!  it also could've been that if they didn't eat their dinner when i was babysitting, i would threaten that it would go in the way it should be coming out later (eek, i was mean!).

either way, i want them to know that i love them.  that i forgive their many, mean little-brother-follies they committed against me.  lego incident comes to mind, derek.  i can't help but smile when i think of that one.  as mad as i was at you for ruining my lego house, i shouldn't have used a naughty word (and the wrong one).  dad was wrong though, boys can be the B word.  these days they can be, at least. 

anyhoo...all is forgotten.  truly!  even up until the last time i saw each of you.  we're starting over, and we're the best of friends.  k?  k.


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