Monday, August 23, 2010

a first

after beaching it up this afternoon with auntie kari, which was a perfect afternoon, we headed home.  but not without making a most important stop by the corner 7-11.  i tried to withhold some of my excitement of what i was about to introduce to the girls.

i said, "hey...want a treat girls?"
what are they supposed to say to that?  i mean, come on. 

so we entered the mini-mart and headed straight for the important section...slurpees!!!  they looked at the swirly motion of the slurpee machines mixing up our drinks.

"whoa" they said.

"yes" mama said.

so mama took the caffeinated option (barqs and coke mixture), while the bubbles were stoked to have their first cherry slurpee.  they slurped and slurped the whole way home.  sienna even became a little distraught that she ran out as we turned onto regents.  oh, so sad! (and yes, this means they were posing for mommy, with empty, well-loved slurpee cups)

there will be a next time girls, don't worry.


Shawnanana said...

aw man, so jealous! Hey Brooke. we are planning to go to the beach next monday afternoon too down by kks if ya wanna join :)

*katie said...

Oh your so funny:) Definitely making me want a slurpee right now!! Cute girlies:)

shay said...

so impressed you held out this long:)

Malerie said...

I love this. What darling girls in their swimmin suits! Oh how I wish we could meet you at the beach! Enjoy those slurpee trips, girls!

Lissy said...

Cute! Isn't it so fun to introduce our kids to new treats! I'm surprised you held out on slurpees this long too! Love that they pretended for your pictures - such great kids! :)

Heidi said...

I haven't introduced mine to Slurpees yet-- only because we don't have a 7-11 within 30 miles. :-( But I bet they would love it too.

Your girls are so adorable, Brooke!!

Jessica said...

So fun! I will be in CA Labor Day weekend. That Saturday is Erin's baby shower at my mom's @ 7pm. If you want to come you are welcome. I'm inviting you because I'm selfish and want to see you! :)

beck said...

i introduced cordy to slurpees this summer. i know exactly what you are talking about