Wednesday, August 4, 2010

utah trip - day three

late, day two, two of my brothers showed up to join the party!  it was fun seeing them.  owen even brought his girlfriend, kim.  she's a sweetie.  chloe and derek got right down to business the next day at the river.  if we were in nor-cal, this almost might look like they're panning for gold.  i could use some of that right now!

opa!  she spotted me!

they quickly ditched me.  gosh!  
fun at the random swingset inbetween cabins.  there are other cabins spread out over the area.  the girls loved this little play area.  the river is just behind this area, about 30 feet from here.

kim and owie, er, owen.

the whitaker coat of arms.  i had never noticed this before.  not sure what the flaming sword represents.

we also celebrated guk's birthday!  he's 28?  what?  it's true!  old.  man.
happy birthday derek!

this was not an unusual sight at the cabin over the next few days.


Shawnanana said...

I like the first pics with Derek n chloe by the river :)

Kierst said...

I love the cabin! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Brittany said...

We should plan a cousins reunion at the cabin!!!