Friday, August 6, 2010

utah trip - the lake

we drove a few miles up some windy dirt roads to a beautiful reservoir not too far from the cabin.  it has a trail that goes all the way around it (or so it seemed) too.  we mainly hung out on the front side while owie and kim fished.  stephen and the girls enjoyed trying to skip rocks on the water.


owie, with a beanie on?

derek doing his classic bootie stick-out.

shawna and mom

i could just eat her up, 24-7.  seriously.

walking down to see the water relief area.

aren't they so cute?  too bad it's blurry and too bad there's a big metal fence.

i loved the distance proportions in this one.


Amy said...

You take such awesome pictures Brooke, I love looking at them :-)

kkrich said...

super jealous of the trip! my dad looks like he is in heaven with more granddaighters. so cute

Lissy said...

I love your photos, too! And your girls couldn't get any cuter. That shot of Derek is classic. So great!