Friday, August 27, 2010

who killed who?

about a month ago, stephen and i attended a very fun night with three of stephen best friends.  it was in honor of tyler's graduation from sdsu, and couldn't have had a better themed party.

murder mystery dinner!!!

we had so much fun.  a lot of it was obviously the dressing up part.  getting into each of our characters was way more fun than any of us imagined, i think.  i'm still waiting for christy to send me the final pictures she took of each of us after it was all over (ahem, miss christy!), but here are stephen and i just before leaving for the party.  my hair wasn't quite dry yet.  too much water was sprayed...i didn't heed the youtube video like i should've on how to do veronica lake hair.  but it turned out beautifully, and i'm proud to say that i'm not completely hair challenged.  i had fun molding my hair!  

my character was belinda screete (a high-end dress-maker) and stephen was a colonel (i forget his character's name).  we were bound for paris on a train in the 1940's.  it was too much fun!

preparing our characters with information.  scott was quite the ladies man, apparently.

sarah (high profile reporter) and scott (military pilot)

the princess (dana) and the business man (josh).  
i think that's right, yeah?

and one of our two lovely hosts...christy.  tyler is there in the backround.  i've already forgotten their characters a bit, which means we must play again!  the atmosphere was perfect, the food scrumptious and the company delectable.  thanks for a fun evening and a get together that was long overdue!


Malerie said...

You guys are way too cute! How fun! I've always wanted to host one of those. Everyone looks like the real deal!

*katie said...

Oh my, so fun! Josh looks especially AWESOME!! I think it's the mustache. I definitely want to play sometime!

VJBlair said...

I would really really like to know how you get such awesome lighting in your pictures. Pleeeeeeease share.

Lissy said...

So fun - I've always wanted to do one of those! My cousins played that sort of thing when we were kids and we had so much fun. And Halloween just doesn't provide enough dressing-up-for-adults opportunity! :)

Heidi said...

That looks like great fun!!! I would love to do something like that.