Wednesday, September 22, 2010


is it so wrong for me to be so sad when i look at this picture?

you may ask why.  here i tell you:

1. sienna does not any longer have the cute curls in her hair
2.  sienna isn't little anymore, and i need to cope with that
3.  my hair looks good when the roots match the rest of my hair
(not like now...5 months and counting people!)
4.  i like my tan skin in this picture...not much to show today
5.  haley took this picture.  i miss haley!

that last reason reminds me how the other day, sienna and chloe were helping me peel about 12 pounds of apples we had picked, and i asked sienna what we should make with them.  she said exactly this, "i want haley to come over and make apple pie with us."  

of course my desire was the same.  oh haley, why ever did you move away?

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Haley said...

I miss you guys too! Wish the distance between us was not so far. Makes me sad I don't get to play with the girls either, they are probably so much more grown up. I am surprised they even remember us. Jack and I have been trying to take a trip to San Diego for a long while, I hope we can make it happen. We can go to Julian and buy good pie.