Friday, October 1, 2010

great grandmother

on this lovely friday, i share a picture from my family history.

this is my great grandmother whitaker.  she was my mother's father's mother.  there are two things in this photo that i particularly love.  one being her beautiful green coat.  how perfect it is and how perfectly the shade of it goes with her eyes.  the second thing being her glasses frames.  i have always been rather drawn to older 50's and 60's frames like that.  i also like that she has wrinkles.  no plastic surgery.  no need.  she is beautiful and aged.  sometimes i joke about the "lift" that i'm going to get when i'm all done having kids.  but in reality, i'm not sure about it (tangent!). 

anyway...that's that.

and here is something sienna drew yesterday.  i have yet to ask her what it is...but i will!
(red mouth...vomiting blood?  eating red cotton candy?  way too much lipstick?)


The Del Pegos said...

I love artwork by children!

Nick said...

That's a great picture of her. I wish I knew her and was able to talk with her about her growing up days. I do remember going to her funeral.

Jessica said...

I still think I will get a "lift" after this last baby. I just don't want to be able to tuck them into my pockets when I'm only 30!