Wednesday, November 24, 2010

so grateful

since i really don't want to be on the computer at all tomorrow, i thought i would take a minute and list off my gratefuls.  i would be completely ungrateful for all the many blessings i have been given if i didn't, and that just wouldn't feel right.  so in no particular order (or size), here's just a few....

i'm  grateful  for:

chocolate                   beautiful & healthy children                   my in-laws

my loving mother              my husband             my crazy and awesome father

modern medical technology(without which, i'd be dead)                   benihana's chicken fried rice

the gospel of jesus christ       the smell of rain            amazing friends

 the san diego temple       money in savings        board games

pumpkin everything       good books                          hair

the beach            my freedom                         those serving our country

corn                coca-cola (yes)         art          disneyland         you...

....on a related sidenote, here's some cute thanksgiving ideas for you and yours tomorrow.  cute decor and fun kid activities.  


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*katie said...

so many great gratefuls:)