Saturday, November 13, 2010


i am so grateful for the wonderful women and men who helped me care for my children while i went off to work each day.  they were an important influence in my childrens' lives for a short time.  we grew to love many of them so very much. tomeka and tami were probably the most influential, and we love them so much.  both of our girls were in their classroom at different times.  they showed serious love, compassion and interest in sienna and chloe.  and they noticed, because they talked about and prayed for them almost daily.  they'll truly never know how loved they are.

tomeka posing for me.

there were so many other teachers in their classes that were so awesome too.  sara (above) and melissa (below) were a few in chloe's last classroom that she was in, which was also sienna's first classroom.

miss megan was such a joy to meet upon entering the classroom.  always so cheerful and sweet in things she would say.  we are grateful for her happy influence.

in sienna's second classroom, sienna was in ms. leslie's group.  i had a few really great meetings with her when they give you updates on your child.  leslie was always so sweet and good at writing a lot of things down that sienna said or did.  she was such a sweet and kind of quiet woman, which i think suited sienna's personality well.

above is miss robin, who is now the lead teacher in sienna's last classroom.  she is amazing!   as annoyed as i would sometimes get from her overly-informative reports each day as i picked sienna up, i am so grateful that sienna had a teacher that cared about her well-being enough to do so.  she is a perfect example of what all preschool teachers should be.

this last shot is chloe's three teachers from her first classroom.  in a very emotional state i would hand over my sweet little 1-year old chloe to these awesome women, and headed off to work.  i couldn't have done that without their support.  it was very hard on me.  natalie, paula and laisa are still very remembered by chloe. 

we will miss you all, you wonderful teachers you!

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Alyosha said...

Sienna looks stunning in those last two pictures. She has the best coloring!