Thursday, January 13, 2011


updates here at the bakers:

stephen is studious as ever, though his father mentioned today that "he doesn't study as much as alan did."  thank goodness for that!  love ya al!  stephen is extremely blessed in his need for study.  don't get me wrong, he works his tail off and spends many an hour studying and doing ridiculous math problems that don't even look like math to me.  they're more like symbols and signs that translate into more symbols, which then equal a huge long explanation for where and why and.....breathe....oh my, are you lost yet?  i am.  anyway...he just gets the stuff so well.  sometimes though (actually, many times, most days), he'll spend at least 1-3 hours on just one problem.  it perplexes me.  luckily, he is usually only given around 8 problems to do, as far as i know.

nausea queen over here, that's me....i'm feeling a little bit better.  i'm noticing an ability to be able to eat more foods than i could before.  however, certain aromas make me ill, that be the truth.  but that's how it always is for us preggers, isn't it?  right now, my smell vices are mainy beef, chicken, or turkey cooking.  meat in general doesn't ever sound good right now.  amazingly, you know what i really had a hankering for last night (of all things)?  tuna casserole!  ew, i know!  i don't think i'd eaten that in over ten years, but yesterday late afternoon it came to me, and i rushed up to stephen (upstairs in the study den, otherwise known as one of his parents' extra bedrooms) to query his thoughts on my idea for dinner.  he responded with a "huh"?  rightfully so.  but he said it sounded fine.  stephen's mom admitted to not having had that since she was a little girl, but said it sounded good too.  so off i went!  it was a cinch to make, and it smelled really awesome to me the whole time i was cooking.  i threw it under the broiler for a few, popped it out and as soon as it was time to eat, my stomach wasn't so sure about my genius idea.  i did, however, eat a good helping and it was delicious.  stephen and lee loved it too!  even chloe had two or three helpings!  i was very pleased.  one more thing about me today (well, technically about the baby growing), it (yes, it) is as big as a peach.  thus the title of this post.

sienna has been sick, poor thing.  she woke up with a fever tuesday night, it's her thing.  she hasn't been sick for at least a year, but when she get sick it's always a high fever.  the strep culture came back negative today (hoorah!), so we're just waiting it out.  over the last two days we've watched dumbo (twice), up, winnie the pooh and shawn the sheep.  tomorrow she's already committed me to letting her watch the tigger movie.  hey, i don't mind.  when i'm sick, that's all i want to do too!  movies!

chloe.  oh that girl.  she's tremendous.  we love her to death though.  all that long hair sure does give us trouble.  brushing it has turned into the dreaded event each morning.  i won't cut it though, i just won't.  i'm in love with her hair.  when sienna cut her luscious curls off a few years ago, my heart broke.  i think it scarred me with chloe's hair.  anyway, her dramatic pleas for help each morning as i'm brushing "softly" through her hair are getting really old.  but, we love her.

so that's us today.  ta-ta!


Stephen said...

I am just glad that I "don't know" how to do Chloe's hair. I do love hearing her pleas for help in the morning. It makes me giggle every time. Am I mean?

Kierst said...

I was just thinking. When I felt like you do, I always wanted to eat dry cheerios, tangerines, and buffalo chicken anything. I think I ate those three things daily. Hopefully you'll get a baby boy out of all that trouble.

Heidi said...

Thank you so much for the nausea update! You have reminded me exactly why I don't want to have another baby :-) Oh I know they're worth it in the end, but I really, really don't want to go through that again.

You're braver than I am to keep up the long hair. Obviously I just give up with my girls and hack away. Oh well. I'll enjoy their long curls again eventually-- when I am the one who doesn't have to do their hair!

Lissy said...

Very cute update! I love your comment - thank goodness about Stephen not studying more than he is - ain't that the truth! Got to have balance. Don't blame you for keeping Cloe's hair long - it is so gorgeous. Glad you're starting to feel better. Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl peach :) So fun!

Lissy said...

ugh - sorry for misspelling Chloe typo :)

Jessica said...

It's so funny how things that NEVER appealed to you before you were pregnant suddenly are the only things you want to eat! Smells bother me too! However I am almost done. I am finding that my nausea has now come back worse than before though and although I can eat, everything makes me sick and my heart burn is so bad it makes me want to throw up. Yay!