Monday, February 14, 2011

happy V day!

hope you are all having a fabulous valentines day so far...we have been enjoying it slowly throughout the day.  the girls and i made the mustache-clad, googly-eyed hearts to give to their friends at school today.  it was quite fun.  i had seen something quite similar in a paper source catalog that i loved, but didn't want to pay the price of the packet, so we opted to make our own version.  i like how they turned out!

i wanted to make something for the girls' teachers for valentines day too, especially since we just missed one of their birthdays.  i found some cute suction-top jars at target and brought them to a relief society activity where we etched words into glass (such pie!).  we etched sienna's teacher's name into the came out so cute!

 along with the valentines we decided against candy, seeing as everyone else would already be giving that.  we found loads of these awesome milk straws at henry's and decided that that would be fun to give instead.  sienna went for pink (strawberry) and chocolate, of course!

after taking a special trip to the godiva store this afternoon to get chocolate-covered-strawberries for daddy for valentine's day, we realized that that was way out of our price range.  so we headed home and made our own!  and i must say, they were delicious!  daddy shared one with each of kind. 

hope your V day is full of love and chocolate!

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Heidi said...

What cute crafts!!! My day included chocolate, sugar cookies and seafood. Yum! (But so much for staying within my calorie range.)