Friday, March 18, 2011


sorry about the quality of the photos, i didn't touch them up on p.s. at all, but i just had to share.  i love these people!  not referring to myself, by the way, but the others with me.  in this first photo is my wonderful friend cari.  we served a mission in uruguay together back in 2003 and have been buds ever since.  here is our trip to key west together.  my cousin and her husband were so cool in inviting me and so i dragged cari along...though there wasn't much dragging in reality.  we were about to go parasailing here together.  good times!

next photo:  me and julia (now julia sandiford) at michelle and cameron rowe's wedding reception.  she was the maid of honor.  it was our first time meeting but we became instant friends.  

stephen and i had only been dating for a few weeks officially when it was halloween time, which meant time for the young single adult's boat dance on san diego bay.  it was a blast!  you probably can't guess what i was, the wig threw everyone off.  i just adore wearing wigs!  i love how they transform my identity.  anyway...i was a speed bump!  i bought the yellow top and pants at walmart, spray-painted my four-runner's tires with black spray paint and drove back and forth over them a few times.  it was awesome!  i even ran over my yellow shoes.  stephen was a sailor, just another excuse to color with black sharpie all over his body.  yes, his beard and tattoos are really black sharpie.  little did i know i'd have it on my face at the end of the night (eek!).

this last picture is of my buddies, cameron and michelle rowe.  they were still dating at this time.  they happened to have tickets to the same concert i was going to the same night.  michelle and i were roommates at the time in vista and had no idea of our awesome agreeable taste in music.  so we met up there and enjoyed the awesome musical talent of travis.  it was such a great concert!  if you've never heard of them, you might recognize this song.  or this one.  at the end they let people rush the stage and sing with rocked!

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Heidi said...

What fun to relieve the past a bit! I wish I had taken more pictures. (I'll probably wish that in ten more years too, when I barely have any pictures of my kids. I'm just not a photographer!)

I kind of feel gypped that I never got to go to a boat dance. Terence is sure we went to one together, but he must be confusing me with one of the other dozen girls he dated before I came along!