Thursday, May 5, 2011

bump - 28 weeks (and five days)

i've almost made it to 29 weeks!  this is a momentous occasion as i have still not had any pre-term labor...yipee!!!!  i couldn't be happier.  in case you would like to compare the growth from a few weeks ago, see here (i did).  so, let's see...let's go over our current pregnant symptoms:

  • pregnant brain (forgetting things almost instantly)
  • horrible heartburn, almost every night
  • when heartburn is bad, reflux is most likely to occur (woke up with throw up in my mouth the other night.  not my proudest moment.  that's what i get for eating a piece of pie at nine o'clock at night).  honestly...what would i do without tums?
  • itchy belly
  • my feet and legs have started to swell up just a little, making it uncomfortable to sit or stand for too long at a time
so the funny thing is, everyone keeps telling me how small i am.  it's sure flattering, but they're really not taking into consideration that fact that i've got a large bust.  it sure makes me seem like i've got a smaller tummy.  speaking of....i despise them.  i must not be a normal woman to not like being "well endowed".  in fact, i can't wait for the day when i might get a reduction (if after losing weight i'm still not a comfortable size).  my neck, shoulders and upper back could sure use some peace and quiet...thanks to "the girls" they're almost always so tense.

other fun prego facts right now for me at 28 weeks... boy baker's name will be: wyatt (yes, that will be his name!).   no, we're not obsessed
with mr. earpp.  in fact, stephen can't stand country music.

....also, mr. wyatt is the size of a head of cauliflower, weighing
in around 2.5 pounds at the moment. 

things are going quite well indeed.  happy to be pregnant most the time, especially when i weigh out the fact that i'll have a sweet little boy in my arms in a few months!


Maren said...

Yay for Wyatt!!!! I love that name. Bryan wouldn't let me use it for some dang reason. I'm kind of jealous you are going to have a baby Wyatt!!!! Congrats. I must see you before the little man arrives. And I feel you on "the girls"--except I've never had this issue until being pregnant and nursing. Man it does kill my shoulders and upper back.

Michelle said...

You look SOOOO good, Brooke! I LOVE the pics. Thanks for updating!! Miss you so much and I am also a big fan of the name Wyatt ... we were considering it if Ava was a boy! Great choice!! :) xoxoxoxo Hopefully we'll be seeing you soooooon! :)

*katie said...

Great picture:) So sorry about the icky pregnancy side effects, not fun!

Malerie said...

Oh I love that name! He's going to be so darling. So remind me what your history is with pre term labor? I'm always curious since I think I'm plagued with that too (both pregnancies mine started at 27 weeks)

Brittany said...

Love the name!
And you are a normal woman..I get sick of being "well endowed" too..Especially when I'm pregnant!

Robin Baker said...

cute baby name! sounds very rough and tumble. Boooo to pregnancy symptoms